Filidea was born in 2008 as a innovative and dynamic Company inside the Marchi & Fildi Group, with headquarters in Biella.

The production of Filidea is focused on the fashion industry, with yarns for flat or circular knitting, weaving and hosiery. With the brand Filidea Technical Yarns the Company is also specialised in the production and development of technical yarns intended for protective and work clothing, for the automotive industry and various industrial uses.

The essential elements for the brand identity are confirmed as being at the centre of its value offer: the choice of natural fibres and biodegradable blends, the attention to the performance of the yarns together with the sensibility of the fashion world and the environmental sustainability of the whole supply chain.

The selection of raw materials, the control along the supply chain, the sustainable innovation and the development of yarns thanks to the pilot plant of Research & Development allowed the Group to keep a high level of innovation inside the products.

The modern cones dyeing plant, totally refurbished at the beginning of the year 2018, guarantees important reductions on the use of water and resources optimizations. The Study Life Cycle Assessment carried out in 2020 demonstrates an average of -48% water used for each kg of yarn dyed, -43% in the steam consumption and -57% of energy use, in comparison to a traditional plant.

Today, with the entry of the third generation of entrepreneurs, Marchi & Fildi Group has a constant rate of growth and is very well known internationally, also thanks to the collaboration with fibers producers, research centers and universities.