Filidea has always paid the highest attention on the concept of sustainable innovation for the development and the production of its yarns. This focus revolves around some key points, that make sustainability the basis for all operations of the whole team.

The selection of raw materials for the development and the production of the yarns starts from the research for natural and biodegradable fibers; the control of the whole supply chain and a continuous collaboration with suppliers allow to guarantee processes and products traceable and certified according the most important reference standards.

The development of the products has the goal to get very high performances, that guarantee the maximum durability of the garmens, in particular according to the technical features and of the styles.

The modern cones dyeing plant, totally refurbished at the beginning of the year 2018, guarantees important reductions on the use of water and resources optimizations. The Study Life Cycle Assessment carried out in 2020 demonstrates an average of -48% water used for each kg of yarn dyed, -43% in the steam consumption and -57% of energy use, in comparison to a traditional plant. The waste water system follows the ZDHC parameters.

10 years ago the Group installed the photovoltaic plant in the three facilities in Biella: an investment that determined important cost savings and the production of green energy for the grid, underlining the commintment towards sustainability.


Filidea has the most important product and process certifications, validating the central importance of our environmentally sustainable production and to guarantee our commitment to create a traceable supply chain:


Oeko Tex Standard 100 Class I